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Coach Michael Steward

Founder of the Bridge Building Program

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Coach Anthony Breeze

Former Bethune Cookman Basketball Player

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Jennifer Harris


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Lloyd Finley

Coach and Sponser

This is the gym at Buddy Taylor Middle School in Palm Coast. Our leadership is working with the school district to determine if we can be of mutual service to each other. This is a great central location in Palm Coast accessible to most of the youth. Hopefully a middle school basketball program could grow out of our relationship. But to do GREAT things, we need great resources. While we have dedicated individual in our program, we do need funds for administrative purposes. Please encourage your friends to visit our site and make a donation



When we focus on Christ's strength in spite of our weaknesses it leads to encouragement & hope, even in the most difficult circumstances. This young man has made great changes in his social life as well as his academics. He was a 1.9 GPA student for the last two card markings. He received a 3.1 GPA for this 3rd marking. If you're at Carver please take a moment to congratulate this young man.

Have a blessed day.


Carver Gym

The George Washington Carver School was closed in 1967 due to desegregation. Most of the school was torn down in later years except for the Gym. This building served as the focal point for residents of that community of Bunnell.

The Flagler County School Board and Flagler County Government have both owned and managed the facility over the years. Due to budgetary constraints it appeared it would be necessary to close the facility in 2010. A coalition was born to save the Gym and restore it as a community center. Our foundation was created to serve this facility with grant funding and equipment/supply needs. We are a 501C3 Corporation.

Today the George Washington Carver Gym is again enjoying a rebirth, thanks to the many individuals and coporate contributions. The photo was taken by Flaglerlive.

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