The Bridge Building Program is a non-profit (501C3) organization comprised of students’ age 9-17 years old. Our program is multi-faceted providing assistance in academics and athletics with enrichment opportunities in music and art. We pride ourselves in placing student achievement at the center of our existence. The program is designed to meet the needs of each individual student as we guide them in acquiring the skills essential to becoming successful. It is our hope that students will see the importance of performing their best at all times.


Academic achievement is a critical element in student success. This program will provide students with support in the areas of reading, math and writing. The goal will be to increase student potential as well as performance in the classroom by offering in depth tutorial assistance designed to target areas of weakness. In collaboration with parents and teachers we will work to build an academic support system where the student can thrive.

The program will include athletic skill building and sponsorship of a traveling Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Basketball Team. The goal is to develop and showcase the talent of our student athletes while providing them with a bridge for opportunities that open the doors to endless possibilities. Student athletes will develop a broader understanding of the world around them as they increase their athletic prowess and become skilled in the critical thinking required to excel in the game of basketball. Students will have the distinct privilege of experiencing a different form of play as they travel to new and exciting places. We will compete in tournaments throughout the United States. The uniqueness of this program will encompass team as well as individual development. We will design individual skill building sessions around the strength and or weaknesses of the athlete to maximize growth and ability.

In conjunction with our host facility, students will have extended opportunities for enrichment in music and art. Our goal is to expose students to a multicultural program designed to awaken the artistic side of students who may have otherwise limited access.

Emphasis will be placed on academics. Tutoring will be provided for those who need the extra help academically. We not only want our athletes to be physically fit, but educationally challenged as well. We emphasize skill development by incorporating strength training to the program.

The Bridge Building Program will provide the student athlete a structured, productive, and positive environment with opportunities to showcase their athleticism to college coaches and their peers while making lifelong friends.

Athletics are an integral part of growing up and we work hard to install good character traits including good sportsmanship and team work in every player. Many students will remember what they accomplished on the team and will be able to use those competitive and personable skills in life.

Inspiration for this program evolved from the current state of economic crisis in our community, which threatens to diminish opportunities for learning and athletic development for our youth. In establishing this program we hope to rebuild our community while meeting the needs of those who lack the resources to create their own success.

“The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.”
-Attorney Val Shealey